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The Key To Brand Recognition in 2022

The Noise

In today's marketplace you have to be a genius to steal the show.  High-dollar marketing firms command the limelight and companies that can afford to spend that kind of coin, well, they're in the grace of that light.

We are living in a digital world, a mediaverse as it were. You walk out of your home and you're immersed in the omnipresence of marketing messages; life itself has become the channel. Just look at how many forms of corporate communication exist to inundate consumers with content:

Beauty Magazine
Website on Laptop
political interview
Business Morning
Television Sillouhette
Little Music Fan
Radio Show
Wedding Magazine 3
Music Magazine
Coffee Shop
Red car wash sign

Commercialism and Globalization are two dirty words, but they are words that every successful company has learned how to live by.

With Facebook advertising and Google Ads, if you're not spending, you're not being noticed. As an SEO service provider, we want my clients to win, so we flank page optimization with a media spend in the form of paid search ads.

I read an article last year that was titled: The Three Most Powerful Nations in The World: Google, Amazon and Facebook. Made me wonder, in ten years, who will tell Apple what they can and cannot do? 


So how does the sole proprietor win in all this noise?  Is there a way to rise above the perpetual Mardi Gras of messages and get your product into the game? 

Yes, there is!  And, if you apply yourself a little, it can be quite certain, and very rewarding. 

The Help

If you're like me, you'll probably already have burned the midnight oil and read up on the literature.  You've Googled the crap out of SEO strategy, and what it takes to rank on page one. Maybe you've taken an Adwords course and forayed into the magic bottomless pit of Google display advertising and search ads. And if you haven't done all this and more to chase the elusive digital marketing dragon then relax, you're just normal.


Seven books later and a full season of Under The Influence With Terry O'Reilly, and it's finally dawned on me.

The reason it's difficult for business owners to get a handle on digital marketing is twofold: 

1. digital marketing is an ever-evolving insatiable beast, fed by the tiDes of change and the weekly innovations of a tech thirsty society. 

2. small business owners don't have the time to stay up to date on it all, because they are running their businesses!

The best thing that I can recommend to you, is to find a geek.


By this I mean, find a web developer who knows how to optimize a page that gets favourable ranking by search engines (Google, primarily), while avoiding the penalties of Penguin and Panda.  Never go in for Black-hat SEO tactics and link schemes. There's only one way to rank higher in search engines and that's the hard way.

The other thing to know, is that just because you have ranked on page one of local searches for your sector, does not mean you will stay on page one. Your competitor is adding new content to his or her blog, fine-tuning their meta descriptors and H1 tags. You've got to constantly add to your site in order to maintain your hard-won position.

And just because you might be too busy delivering the goods in your business is no reason to ignore the lesson above. 

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