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Or, are they? It's been said that print advertising will never die. It's also been suggested that the most effective marketing campaigns today have crossed the divide between print and online strategies; amalgamating both into a brand that can be found by anyone, anywhere.

Let's consider the subject of marketing today. Print advertising still produces results. To it we can now add digital tools yielding a greater return: social media; email campaigns; information-driven websites; content sharing; the "everything-now" reflex of smartphones; search ads; display ads; Google Maps; and of course the blood, sweat, and tears of content management.  

In this mash-up of marketing technologies, how does a business owner proceed with a cost effective strategy? 

Within this paradigm of consumer trends, social media, and digital marketing, many entrepreneurs, being so hands-on involved with the running of their clinic or business, can't keep pace with contemporary marketing channels. It's no longer enough to have a listing in the Yellow Pages with an ad in the local paper. Your business needs an online presence, and you need search engine optimization so that you will be found organically by your desired public.

Terms like pay-per-click advertising and Google Adwords should bear significance to anyone involved with commerce, whether in a brick-and-mortar shop or online. 

The subject of Marketing today is how to combine conventional print advertising methods with the high-speed tools that the internet  affords. Every team needs an internet marketing action. We've always called this a division two; a branch dedicated to promotion.


You know, those marketing gurus who make the company's products better known.  

Most businesses already have something like this. The need that TDP fills is in bridging the gap between how little you're actually promoting and an ideal scene where you are investing the correct estimation of effort into your marketing strategy reflected in steady achievement of your revenue goals. We're production-minded sales people, with marketing and copywriting experience; and we know that we can popularize a brand, oversee a product launch, keep you relevant on social media, and manage your advertising budget responsibly.  

There is no point in churning out redundant content just to "outflow" or to simply spend your marketing allocation. Enough energy is wasted in the world on shotgun marketing for the sake of marketing. Today, with a smaller budget, carefully planned, returns from promotion and marketing can be far more rewarding.


TDP fills the need for an in-house marketing team, working from the cloud to produce results within your geographical zone, sharing best practices while keeping your content fresh and effective.   

Gone are the days of print advertising.


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Gaining brand recognition in today's competitive market place...

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